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You can earn a maximum amount of rs 60000 .

Ones the photoshoot is done. you got a PDC Check which will be cleared in next 30 days.

Yes you have to sign a contract with Egool media . for celender shoot contract fees - ₹500 for girls and ₹2000 for boys .

For every month shoot contract fees ₹2500 rs for girls and ₹5000 for boys.

The best way to promote is to do it through social media! You're on it anyway, you might as well make it work for you! Make accounts with your stage name on Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook. Then link it up with your profile on your Models Hub page. Even do shout outs in your chat, and soon users will soon follow you to look for updates when you aren't online camming. To keep them following you and interested, it's good to interact with users on your Twitter. Users will feel special with the individual attention and keep trying to get more. You can also post racy pictures here, and that will keep users interested as well. Instagram is a bit more difficult, as you can't post pictures that are too sexual or risk getting the picture pulled or worse the account deleted. But it's good to have Instagram as it's another outlet that has a large fan base. It also allows you to just post pictures and not have to interact so much with fans. Facebook is another good way to generate a following and get more fans. Guidelines are similar to that of Instagram, so it's more of a picture posting outlet. Social media is a great way to notify fans of when you're going to be on, as your followers will soon use it as a way to keep tabs on you and your online cam schedule. Combined with hot pictures and some interaction with your fans, you'll soon have a following that will be begging for you to go online and give you money!

You can sign 3 years contract with company where company will provide you extra work in Entertainment field and you will earn more.